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Ready to take your annual calendar to the next level? Want to give your players and customers something really special that will make them genuinely grateful?  Image Personalization (IP) has been shown to be a powerful marketing tool that makes businesses stand out from their competitors and to be effective at getting messages read and remembered.  Creating your annual calendar using IP will multiply their effectiveness and, more importantly, help to create loyal customers and players. IP is available with all themes of the Classic Design Calendar.
2 Options Available

Option 1

Creating the cover of your calendar with a personalized image is the perfect option if you plan to mail your calendars to your customers. And we can handle it all for you. This option includes creating each cover with each customers name embedded into a specially created personalized stock image or an image of your choice that we can customized for you.  You can also include a personal message on the back that will appear with each players name and address. The calendar is then inserted into a 10” x 13” custom designed ‘showcase’ window envelope and mailed directly to your customers. Once the final hard copy proof of the calendar & envelope are approved, we take care of the rest. And within 3 weeks, your customers will receive their calendars in their mailbox.

Your envelopes are an important part of creating the perfect presentation. That is why we take the time to make them impactful and the perfect compliment to your calendars. The images to the right will provide a look at what can be done with your envelope, in full color, front and back.

Let’s discuss your project and we will prepare your pricing that will include the calendar personalization, the customized envelope, mailing services and postage.

Or consider Option 2 below.
Option 2

The second option is perfect if you would like to hand out your calendars to your players & customers directly. This option includes an Image Personalized Gift Certificate that is     4” x 6” and is attached to the front of your calendar. The Gift Certificate includes a personalized image on the front, with the customers name embedded in the image, and a Gift Certificate for a product or service in your casino, on the reverse. The card is secured to the front of the calendar by means of 2 small corner slits as in the illustration to the right. The Gift Certificates are supplied in alphabetical order to  facilitate distribution. The image can be selected from a specially created personalized image library or an image of your choice that we can customize for you. Give us a call and we can discuss all of the possibilities.  877-525-3633.
We will deliver a product that you, and your
employees, will be very proud to give to your players and customers.
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