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If you would prefer your calendars without the branding panel, the Classic Design Style of the Anniversary and 2018 Calendars, is available. These calendars are a full 9 1/2” x 12” and 12” x 19” when open.  Each of the 5 calendar themes are available in this larger Classic Design at no additional cost.  

2015PNWClassicCoverLG.jpg Classic Design Style



#1 - Luck of the Draw #2 - Pacific Northwest


#3 - Casino Property


#4 - Native Art Calendar

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Click each theme # for more details.

# 5 - Your Choice Photo Calendar

Create Your Anniversary or 2018 Calendar with Photos of Your Choice from Online Image Banks
with a Seemingly Unlimited Supply of Image Choices.
Two Websites that we Recommend are Fotolia and Shutterstock .   Click Here for More Information
Use of these images will result in a 10 cents per calendar discount from pricing on the How To Order Page.
#5 - Your Choice Photos

Select the Calendar theme of your choice and have it created in the Classic Design Style featuring larger pages and no branding panel at no additional cost.