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Since the original QR Code page was written, the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has increased significantly, and so has the use of  QR codes as a shortcut for doing it. More and more companies are embracing the economical usefulness of QR codes to connect with their customers.  Our interest here is to outline how they can be incredibly useful to your casino when used in conjunction with the Anniversary and current annual calendar.

The idea of being able to link your QR Codes with a specific page on a mobile website makes each code very valuable.  The reason is, the information on the mobile web page can be changed at any time, providing players and customers with constantly updated information and specials using just 1 code over a predetermined period of time...say a year.

For example, inform your players and customers that the 1st of every month, a new special will be available through a specific QR code that is placed in your calendar.  On the 1st of each month, update the information on that page to reflect the special for that month. When the QR code is scanned, it will take them to the same page with fresh information about that months special.  To make the code even more valuable, make it an exclusive offer that can only be received by scanning that code.  The 1st of every month, your players and customers will look forward to scanning the code to get the exclusive special for that month.  Next month, just update the information on the mobile web page that will be easily accessed using the same code. You have to agree, 1 code alone would significantly increase the promotional value of these calendars.

Now let’s say you have 1 code in the calendar for each of your departments...slots, poker, restaurants, hotel, etc.

QR codes for every department you choose, can be strategically placed in the calendar making the calendars something players and customers will refer back to every month to get exclusive offers from the variety of departments that you have chosen.

There are 2 other major benefits to using QR codes as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Special offers accessed by a QR code on a mobile website can then be shared through email or text with

     family and friends extending the reach of each offer...at no additional cost!  

2. Creating your QR codes in connection with a QR code tracking website like Scanlife, will give you the ability to

  track their use and provide information on: number of scans, unique users, date & time, demographics,         location and more.

QR codes can be placed on any page in the calendar along with identifying information for each code. Space on the back of the calendar can be used to describe the codes and how they can be used and what they have to offer.

We would be very happy to work with your creative team to create a custom calendar that will not only be visually attractive, but also a very practical promotional tool that will engage your players and customers for the entire year.  QR codes are incredibly easy to create, use and track at little to no cost!

Give us a call to discuss your project at 877-525-3633, and be sure to scan the code on the original QR Code page for our special offer.  

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