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Want to make your custom calendar even more valuable to your players and customers? Include 2 coupon pages. If you use coupons in your casino, this option is available to add coupon pages to your calendar.  They include 24 coupons and are designed to be the first the last page in the calendar.  These are not inserts, but actual, fully perfed pages bound into each calendar. Originally designed to provide 2 coupons per month, the coupons on these pages can be created with any offer for any duration.   They are also full color, front and back, and can include your branding and bar codes. They will also be designed with your preferred color scheme and can be included in either the Branding Panel or Classic version calendars.  Click the images to view a larger version. Find additional information below.

Coupon Page Option
All New

The goal here is to make your annual calendars much more valuable to your players. With the coupon page, your players will look forward to receiving your calendar every year, which contains all of your branding and promotional information that your players and customers will be referring to month after month.  If you are going to go through the expense of creating and distributing coupons to your players, why not take the opportunity to communicate as much promotional information to them as possible? This calendar is the perfect vehicle to do that...for an entire year! And they will thank you for it.

For more information on including a coupon page in your custom calendar, give us a call at 877-525-3633

Coupon Page Option Pricing

2500 (minimum) - $.57

4000 - $.44

5000 - $.40

6000 - $.37

7000 - $.35

8000 - $.33

9000 - $.32

10,000 - $.31

10,000+ - please call

Prices are for addition of Coupon Pages in both the

Branding Panel or Classic version calendars.

Please select your calendar quantity and add this ‘Unit Price’ to your order form.