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To seriously turbo charge the promotional value of these calendars, consider utilizing QR or Quick Response codes to bring specials and rich online media to your players mobile and smartphones.  The WOW factor and novelty of simply point and scan, makes them irresistible. The ease of downloading a scanner app and with more and more mobile devices coming equipped with scanners, the use of QR codes is getting easier and is growing. Already using QR codes in your marketing?...GREAT, then you already know the value that they offer and you will agree that these Anniversary calendars are a great vehicle for engaging your players with your online content.

New to QR codes? QR codes connect your offline campaigns with your online content. They can direct viewers to a particular video, get them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, or point them to a mobile-friendly landing page that promotes a new campaign or exclusive offer and much more. Let’s just say the possibilities are only limited by your imagination...and the cost is minimal!  For instance, there is absolutely no additional cost to add your QR codes to these calendars.  We will even generate the codes for you if you like. (You can also do it free online.)  

The potential of using these codes is great and the cost is minimal.  Example, create monthly specials that are only available through the QR code on each page of your Anniversary calendar. The code can be a text or a link to a web page which your players can then easily share with their family and friends through email or text, extending the reach of each offer.  An entire creative campaign can be developed and centered around the codes that appear in the calendar.

Points of Interest:

• Some of your players and customers are going to be very familiar with these codes. Others will require some training. Plan an introduction and training campaign. We have some ideas we would be happy to share.

• For those players who only have camera phones, there are services available on line where they can take a picture of the code and text it to a number and the message will be text back to them in 30 seconds. This will obviously increase the size of your messages audience. One of them is HERE.

• There are web companies that will track your codes and provide basic information on their usage. Some will do it for free like this one - HERE . What’s not to love about the Internet?

•Interesting links:



Interested in more information. Give us a call and we would be happy to

discuss the unlimited possibilities of using QR codes in these calendars

and more.  And, as a little incentive, and as a means of demonstration,

here is a very special offer only offered through this code that you can

redeem on your order form. Give it a try.

The future in marketing is here and now. If you haven’t already, time to seize it!


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