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Employee Wall Calendar Promotion


• Provide players, customers and employees with an interesting wall calendar gift at the end of the     year or as an anniversary gift.

• Provide a team and morale building activity for employees in each casino department.

• Develop a promotion that improves employee identity among players and customers.

• Increase player and customer involvement and loyalty.


This program is composed of 2 parts. First is developing the calendar and involves casino department employees creating their own image for their assigned month in the calendar. The second part of the promotion involves distributing the calendars and conducting a voting promotion among the players and customers for their favorite image. To encourage voting, voters are enticed with a worthwhile discount coupon and the winning department receives a sufficiently motivational prize. At an appropriate time, the winner...and possibly, runners up, would be announced.  


Part 1 - Each casino department is given the opportunity to create their own image for this years employee calendar. The creation of images for your Employee calendar is presented to employees as a contest with a worthwhile prize(s).   The goal for each department is to create an image that they feel will garner the most votes from players which will require it to be fun, creative and interesting. Each image will include all department employees in a setting of their choice. The setting for the calendar images can be limited to your city, county or state limits. This will require employees to decide as a group on the best location and coordinate a date and time for the photo shoot.

To make the process, and the images even more interesting, and to help gain the enthusiasm of the employees, each employee could pose in the image with a prop or apparel of their favorite hobby/activity, ie. Sports of any kind, instrument, pet, obsession, etc. There should be no limits on employees creativity although it should be something that tells a little more about who they are and what they like. Use of a good professional photographer for each shoot should provide exciting results...and a very interesting calendar!  It wouldn’t be surprising if a little friendly competition developed between the departments.

Part 2 - When the calendars are made available to the players, let the voting begin. Some promotion of the calendar giveaway and the contest before hand should be enough to ‘prime the pump’.  Make an offer that you know your players will respond to, to encourage their voting, ie. 2 for 1 coupon, match play, etc., and make the voting process simple and convenient.  Employee interaction with the players encouraging their voting could occur naturally and should be supported.  If calendars are distributed in December, your New Year’s Eve celebration would be the perfect time to announce the winner(s).  Anniversary calendar winners would ideally be announced as part of your anniversary celebration.


This program is about having fun for both the employees and the players.  Presenting it as such will go a long way to it’s success.  Employees will possibly discover things about their co-workers they never knew, and players will see your employees in a whole new, positive, light.  Keeping it fun and light and allowing plenty of time for each department to do their best work, chances are, they will be even more excited and motivated to do it again next year.  Also, a little friendly competition should provide some terrific images for your calendars.

Special thanks to John Cronin at Angel of the Winds Casino in Arlington, WA for coming up with the idea that is the foundation for this program. Take a look at the article HERE, recognizing the success of his 2012 calendar promotion.